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Live Blogging the July Open Commission Meeting

July 15th, 2010 by George Krebs

10:57am ET

This month’s Open Commission Meeting begins with an item concerning the Rural Health Care Fund. Since the price of Internet connectivity can be far higher in rural areas, this fund supports broadband connectivity in rural health care facilities by subsidizing costs. Participants secure matching funds for Internet services. This step toward broadband parity throughout the country opens up the breathtaking promise of telehealth. Those regions with often limited access are linked with the most capable medical specialists and the most cutting edge resources around in the country.  In his comments Chairman Genachowski says, “This program is a critical step in fulfilling the goals of the National Broadband Plan.”
11:24am ET
We next address the rapidly growing need for spectrum. This item proposes changes to the Mobile Satellite Services licensee leasing policies. In plain speak, this will increase the value, utilization and investment of lesser used spectrum. Spectrum is tremendously precious in today’s mobile environment. The Commissioners call on swift action in implementing these changes to decrease unnecessary obstacles for optimizing spectrum use by removing regulatory barriers. Doing so will catalyze innovation, create jobs and mark further steps toward making our mobile environment the most fertile in the world.
11:46am ET
Our last item is an incontrovertible one seeking “a more efficient, transparent, and open flow of information.” This rule will streamline commission processes by requiring carriers to file their tariffs electronically. Each commissioner is brief in their remarks. Commissioner Copps sums up the sentiment of the slate. “Great item, great idea, I support it.”
12:03pm ET
All three votes have passed unanimously and an efficient July meeting has come to a swift close.

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