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June 4th, 2010 by John Horrigan - Consumer Research Director, Ombnibus Broadband Initiative.

Today, the FCC is releasing the raw dataset that was the basis for two recently released reports. One, released on May 26, was on bill shock and early termination fees. It is entitled “Americans’ perspectives on early termination fees and bill shock.” The second report, released earlier this week, is entitled “Americans’ perspectives on online connection speeds for home and mobile devices.

The survey that was the basis for these reports covered a lot of ground, and the two reports we recently released did not cover all of it. In the coming weeks and months, the FCC will release findings analyzing other questions from this survey. For that reason, the data released today does not include all data from the April-May 2010 survey, but data only on those questions analyzed in the two reports.

The package of data comes in two files:

1) Raw data: Delivered in SPSS format, which is a popular program for statistical analysis of data. It is a format most other statistical programs can read.

2) Questionnaire: This file explains in detail the structure of the SPSS file, and will be of interest mainly to those wishing to do their own analysis of the data. You will find that the questionnaire contains all the survey’s questions – but not the results.

The FCC has a commitment to transparency in conducting the analysis that helps shape its work. We hope interested members of the public benefit from having access to the data. Enjoy!


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  1. Janet Hanley says:

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    I designed a tool (WebMeter) that allows a simple usable and ongoing comparison of my browsing experience and used it to compare against my friends and colleagues.

    While making use of online Software as a Service (SaaS) I wanted to be sure I was getting billed properly, and that I was getting a good quality and adequate service.
    WebMeter is a sophisticated, easy to use tool which empowers all Internet users with continuous performance data to understand, compare and confirm Internet Service Providers (ISP) and Software as a Service (SaaS) quality of service and billing.

    Take control of the quality of your online experience.Are you getting the bandwidth that your ISP vendor is charging you for?

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