Federal Communications Commission

The Future of Internet Policy in America

May 7th, 2010 by Julius Genachowski - Chairman, Federal Communications Commission.

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7 Responses to “The Future of Internet Policy in America”

  1. Guest says:

    This video contains lot of talk about competition which doesn't match reality. Here in my urban area, local cable has a de-facto monopoly on Internet access, because the DSL drops out constantly, and is always much slower than advertised speeds. Without regulations forcing truth in advertising, line sharing, and open access networks, there will be no real competition in America. Read your own studies -- you know like the one by the Berkman Center! This "third" or "middle" way is an obvious sell-out to the failed status-quo ISP business models, and it is a disservice to the American people.

  2. Guest2 says:

    I really appreciate the FCC's continued push for competition in broadband access. In particular, I think it's important in the near term to at least preserve the current access to DSL that ISPs have (which expires 6/30/2010), and the current access to copper that CLECs have (which is under thread under forbearance in some regions.)

    I hope that the current FCC will work to preserve these critical competitive components in order to preserve consumer choice.

    The final third leg is access to cable and new FTTN for ISPs, and access to outside plant fiber for CLECs. With some forward motion on these topics, we might again see some great things in broadband access in the US.

  3. Rural Resident in Cali says:

    were i live the only decent provider is Verizon in my area and all the DSL slots are full since last october so i am stuck on dial-up

  4. vrpcworld says:

    I do not believe the industry is under regulated but not at all, at least in the resent past. With the last court decision and one ISP's decision to impose conditions unrealistic & damaging to the future of internet use and growth, not enough is being done to protect the rights of consumers from companies abuses and the government agencies are either silent or impudent to take action. More has to be done to correct these abuses and future ones being planned as this discussion takes off.

  5. Guest says:

    We are in need of new rules and regulations.
    There are many online scams going on and many peoples are looted online.

    Our government should work on this. and give us an better and googd network.

    as to develop <a href="">Science and technology</a>

  6. Guest says:

    This is misleading because the Comcast decision gives the FCC the necessary authority. This plan appears to gain more power, outside of Congress, for the FCC to control the Internet. This "oversteps" their authority. More federal control is not needed. What the FCC should do is act within the powers it has to resolve.

  7. Brian B. from Denver says:

    Genachowski's proposal for "Net Neutrality" solidifies his position. Genachowski IS SIMPLY A PAWN FOR COMCAST (& Quest). His proposal is THE OPPOSITE of NEUTRAL.
    "3. The Internet will remain a level playing field."
    FACT: 1. Comcasts CEO personally made $27 million in 2009.
    2. It's the FCC's JOB TO ACT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE PEOPLE, Consumers!!! NOT Big Phone & Big Cable!
    Comcast Banned Minneapolis based Wi-Fi Upstart Ads... Because they are competing as an ISP...Is this an example of "a level playing field"? NO, it is NOT!
    3. Comcast currently charges Netflix double to stream video content (Is this "FAIR"?...Is it "a level playing field."??? Again, NO, it is NOT.
    4. Genachowski's talk about "competition" doesn't match reality. In Downtown Denver we've got 2 choices (Comcast or Quest). Comcast provides a better bandwidth, which effectively equates to a monopoly.
    -Genachowski's proposal is a disservice to the American people because it will take away our freedom to choose (look at the choices we/you have now!). Genachowski is spitting in the face of the american people with this proposal.
    -Power to "The People" or "Power to Comcast/Corporations"?
    The FCC will determine this. PLEASE CALL
    Commissioner Michael Copps: (202) 418-2000 &
    Commissioner Mignon Clyburn: (202) 418-2100
    Genachowski needs three votes to pass these rules & decision of the 2 individuals above will determine our freedom.
    Please call them and tell them you are against Genachowski's proposal. Tell them we need REAL Net Neutrality that will stop corporate abuses like Comcast trying to block Netflix -- not this garbage from Chairman Genachowski.
    ~Thank You~

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