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Is there an app for that?

March 19th, 2010 by Elana Berkowitz - Director, Economic Opportunity - Omnibus Broadband Initiative

Recent years have seen an explosion in content creation for handheld and desktop devices. Both at home and abroad, we have seen significant innovation in applications having social impact ranging from text message donations for Haiti  to online civic engagement tools to mobile medical data collection.

But there is still much room to innovate when it comes to social-purpose apps. That’s why the FCC and the Knight Foundation are partnering to sponsor an “Apps for Inclusion” competition to develop apps specifically supporting people at the edge of the digital divide – i.e., those who traditionally have lower adoption rates and are often geographically and economically isolated.

With $100,000 in prize money from the Knight Foundation, “Apps for Inclusion” encourages technology innovators and tinkerers to collaborate with local organizations and individuals currently underserved by the digital revolution to rethink government and community services and create tools making it easier for citizens to receive those services through mobile and online applications.

We want to leverage your talent and the ideas of Americans across the country to foster the creation of a new suite of social-purpose apps manifesting the core goals of the National Broadband Plan - the utilization of technology to improve Americans access to health, education, public safety, key government services and more.

All entries will be public and will be seen by a judging panel of experts as well as policy makers and citizens from across the country. Winners will be named in several categories, including “people’s choice awards.”

The competition is set to launch soon. Sign up now to learn official contest details as they are released.  

3 Responses to “Is there an app for that?”

  1. Guest Ken Dulin says:

    Is introducing the use of mp3's and mp4's to help the food banks , buy a 99cent tune and half after taxes goes to the States I have picket out . I am hoping to get all artist ,of this planet to get on board with this one ! Music can end world hunger 99cents at a time

  2. Is FCC involvement appropriate? says:

    A private corporate foundation with vested interests and a political agenda, which in turn funds several DC lobbying groups, announces a contest with a big prize and celebrity judges, but provides no actual information about the rules of the contest, the prizes, etc. Should the FCC be serving as a PR outlet for such a thing? Should it be taking sides in favor of one lobbying group's agenda?

  3. Guest says:

    This is STILL the USA. Some people can afford to eat at Morton's Steakhouse and some can't even afford McDonalds. When I grew up we were the last household in the neighborhood to have color TV.
    STOP! This is called Communism.

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