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Growth, Prosperity, Broadband

March 16th, 2010 by Blog Admin

[By Jesse Lee, White House Blogger]

Moments ago the President issued a statement on the National Broadband Plan just released by the Federal Communications Commission:

America today is on the verge of a broadband-driven Internet era that will unleash innovation, create new jobs and industries, provide consumers with new powerful sources of information, enhance American safety and security, and connect communities in ways that strengthen our democracy.  Just as past generations of Americans met the great infrastructure challenges of the day, such as building the Transcontinental railroad and the Interstate highways, so too must we harness the potential of the Internet.  Expanding broadband across the nation will build a foundation of sustained economic growth and the widely shared prosperity we all seek.

I commend Chairman Julius Genachowski, the Commissioners, and the FCC staff for their hard work in developing the National Broadband Plan.

My Administration will build upon our efforts over the past year to make America's nationwide broadband infrastructure the world’s most powerful platform for economic growth and prosperity, including improving access to mobile broadband, maximizing technology innovation, and supporting a nationwide, interoperable public safety wireless broadband network.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has a post up on the broadband blog laying out the basics -- or if you prefer, here he is in video form:

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4 Responses to “Growth, Prosperity, Broadband”

  1. Guest says:

    What is the timeline to reach the stated goal?

  2. Guest says:

    Test does not even complete - gets hung up at 75% on the Jitter test..... so now what?

  3. Guest says:

    Broadband Plan is only realistic for populated areas. The Rural areas of America will always be underserved and will never see the light of Broadband. The Cost to build fiber, DSL or Cable per mile vrs the economic gains are not there. Even if everyone went Wireless the Cost to installing equipment, Site Rentals fees, Management, Support tech, Government Permitting not worth serving a city of 25000 people or less. Currently the Big Cities have more Dark fiber then they know what to do with. In Los Angeles you can get Fiber internet with 30x30MB for less then $1800 a month. What will 100MB cost in a few years with fiber! The Wireless Providers cannot compete due to the Cost of Equipment and low returns on the investments. HOW WILL GOVERNMENT SOLVE the issue of equipment cost. A Wireless WIMAX Radio that will do 100MB cost around $5K or more. What Home will Pay this! This Broadband plan will only benefit Cell Phone Companies of getting more spectrum who can afford to roll out Broadband! I would like to see an EVDO card do 100MB!

    HOW Will this help the American People have Free internet for the Loss of your Free TV or other spectrum taken away by Greedy people. What happened to Public Air Waves. I SAY TAKE FREE SPECTRUM away FOR Guaranteed FREE INTERNET!

    BEWARE of the real Broadband Goals and who will GAIN from this plan. ASK what the American People will lose in return for this pipe dream.

    What is with this government Rollout of New Towers all over America! WHY is that the States and County can build new towers in Record time in place that a Private Company cannot. Will the Average American people have access to these towers since our TAX DOLLARS pay for these buildings and towers. HOW will broadband Roll out if they cannot add antennas and Towers all over cities! Will the Plan provide access to State, City and Government towers?

  4. Guest says:

    I live in rural Iowa, My phone company (iowatelecom) will not bring broadband out here. I have been waiting ten years and they tell me they have no intention of changing. I pay more for phone service and the extra line needed for dialup, than people pay in Cedar Rapids for Cable TV, unlimited long distance, and 5MB internet combined. My fastest speed is 26kbs which prevents me from using any video. Also it is even difficult to download basic windows updates and security software on one attempt because the cut me off due to slow speed. You need to understand they will not change this on their own. Why should they? If they can get away charging me more for poor service than others pay for good service? We need help. Either force them to upgrade or nationalise the phone service. They lie to their customers by saying rural braodband is not possible, yet I know of a small town company that gets DSL speeds to all their customers no matter how far out they live from main switch. They put fiber optic nodes out in the country and then use old copper to the nodes and they get everyone at least 1MB if they want it. Please dont wait till 2020 to do it, many of us will be dead by then, and theres so much to learn on the internet. I cant get at home work because my speed is too slow also.

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