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Responses from Small Business Owners on Broadband

March 8th, 2010 by Dave Vorhaus - Expert Advisor, Economic Opportunity

We received many insightful responses, through Blogband and Twitter, to our prompt, “Small business owners – share your stories about how broadband has helped you.” Here are a few ways in which broadband has improved their lives:

Brett Glass said:

We’re a small, entrepreneurial business – an ISP. In fact, we were the world’s first WISP, or terrestrial wireless ISP, and have been deploying high speed Internet to unserved areas for more than 18 years. We have therefore been directly involved in hundreds of stories in which small businesses were helped by being connected to the Net -- from a furniture factory located in a remote area near the forests that provide its wood, to a horse ranch which we’re helped to auction horses via the Net, to an engineer who designs parts for automobiles all over the world from his house in a canyon far from town, to a breeder of world famous rodeo bulls. The stories are wonderfully varied, but they all have one thing in common: we’ve brought broadband to these businesses and the areas that surround them at the lowest cost per square mile of any type of terrestrial service.
Twitter user bretttarnutzer said:
CurbsideCupcake is using broadband to bring cupcake truck location info to the hungry masses in DC!
Mike said:
Trying to do updates and download drivers for customers’ PCs on dial-up would take forever - my DSL is about 60x faster than my dial-up ever was. That is the difference in 5 minutes and 5 hours - very significant.
Twitter user iPayStation said:
Our web-based app speeds transactions over dial-up systems. Transactions are completed in seconds! Very important to consumers…Our web-based application allows stores with PC & BB connection to transact walk-in bill payment service for their customers!
Finally, Warren Brown, owner of Cakelove, spoke at the March 4th FCC’s event showcasing the benefit of broadband for small business. He spoke about the ways broadband has revolutionized his business:
We are developing a mobile app for Cakelove to share recipes with people. … It helps with marketing…The online store has been a tremendous benefit. Staff was freed up to serve customers, and orders came through the web. It eliminates time spent on processing paper. …If a small business owner is out there, you don’t want to be chained to your desk, broadband can free up your life. You have more time to train staff…more freedom to conduct business from different locations…Social marketing, didn’t want to deal with it, but I’ve gotten into it. That’s where the people are. Everything is going towards broadband and being internet-based.
In all of these cases, broadband has been the underlying support system for small businesses by providing them with information, convenience, and the ability to stay competitive. Through our initiative, broadband will continue to improve the lives of small business owners everywhere.

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  1. Guest says:

    with other governmental agencies racking it to us Remodeling Contractors (EPA ruling) and insurance companies withe their rate hikes, taxes going up, Utilities and their annual rate hikes. Lack of work and many illegal aliens to compete with...we don't need the silly ISP with there bi annual rate hikes as well with the subpar service.

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