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Chairman Genachowski Meets With Mayor Bloomberg

November 19th, 2009 by George Krebs

Chairman Genachowski sat down with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg today as part of a concerted effort to listen and learn about communications challenges and opportunities from municipalities and states around the country.

The Chairman and Mayor Bloomberg discussed the value of broadband deployment and adoption, the importance of interoperable communications networks for the public safety community, and economic challenges in the media landscape.


“We appreciated the opportunity to talk about using broadband technology to advance innovation in government. We've tried to do it in New York, and were delighted to talk to Chairman Genachowski about his ambitious goals for the country,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

Chairman Genachowski said, “Mayor Bloomberg has shown tremendous leadership in promoting innovative technology solutions for New York City’s government and its citizens. It was a pleasure to speak with him today, and I look forward to working with him to ensure that New Yorkers benefit from broadband’s full potential.”  

2 Responses to “Chairman Genachowski Meets With Mayor Bloomberg”

  1. Gesus H. Christo says:

    Hey FCC -- maybe you should spend less time jet-setting with billionaire politico media moguls, and more time working on things that might actually benefit consumers. What exactly has this FCC done so far that is of any value?

  2. Brett Glass says:

    New York has quite a lot of good high speed Internet, from many providers. How about coming to our small city of Laramie, Wyoming, where we face unique challenges due to long distances and high backbone bandwidth costs?

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