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Chairman Genachowski and FCC Staff Take In CES 2011

January 10th, 2011 by George Krebs

Tablets and TVs; gadgets and tech-integrated vehicles; tech-enhanced musical instruments and heavily promoted headphones; innovative toys, energy efficient designs and wireless enabled products of all sorts. Sunday concluded a busy span of stunning technology pageantry in Las Vegas. Thousands of booths were set up and over 100,00 interested device enthusiasts arrived from all over the world for the Consumer Electronics Show , known more commonly as CES (or in this ever expanding, 140-character world, #CES).

Chairman Genachowski, all four Commissioners, and a retinue of FCC staff converged on the convention floor. They got a look at technology – from a wide range of companies – on the horizon and a sense of what’s upcoming in the innovation space. Many of the exhibits in sight shouted wireless and they shouted mobile.

On Friday, day two, the Chairman gave a speech on the need for expanded spectrum offerings and then sat down to chat with the host of the event, CEA CEO Gary Shapiro. This is what the Chairman said:

"As evidenced by the trade show floor, the consumer electronics industry is going wireless, and the future success of this industry and our innovation future depends on whether our government acts quickly to unleash more spectrum -- the oxygen that sustains our mobile devices. 

We’re in the early stages of a mobile revolution that is sparking an explosion in wireless traffic.  Without action, demand for spectrum will soon outstrip supply. 

To seize the opportunities of our mobile future, we need to tackle the threats to our invisible infrastructure.  We need to free up more spectrum."

Read the Chairman’s full speech.

As our team makes their way back to Washington, we’ll bring you their takes and some collected insights. For now, enjoy this video from the Washington Post, showing the Chairman touring the CES floor, speaking to the unbounded potential for job growth on display, and managing to get in a quick game of ping-pong using Microsoft’s Kinect.

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3 Responses to “Chairman Genachowski and FCC Staff Take In CES 2011”

  1. Jim Tobias says:

    Did anyone from the FCC's Disability Rights Office participate in this event? I font this year, how about next year? It would send a strong signal to industry about the FCC's commitment to accessibility.

  2. Ads4India says:

    I belong to India & just got to know about this event. India is lagging far behind in the spectrum allocation policies & broadband penetration. But, we expect a broadband revolution in India as we saw in the Telecom Sector.

  3. TWiT Live Fan says:

    I am in a Area were the Virgin Mobile Broadband2go is lately the best option next to Dial-up or satellite internet. Lately SO many people were using Sprints 3G tower and there is no 4G still. I was unable to watch this years coverage of CES 2011 on TWiT Live because the lowest video stream is 400Kbps and my 3G rarely ever hits that and Verizon is keeping the DSL slots closed even is someone cancels there DSL and no Cable company here. Then heard Virgin Mobile is going to throttle down to 250Kbps after 5GBs and you can barely do anything on 30KB/s on todays web

    IP Location: KS Real location: Phelan, CA

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