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Public Safety and Homeland Security

October 7th, 2009 by Matt Warner

Matt Warner OIWe recently released a Public Notice (PN) seeking comment regarding Public Safety and Homeland Security matters.  The PN sought comment in four areas-Public Safety Mobile Wireless Broadband Networks, Next Generation 911 (NG911), Cybersecurity, and Alerting-as each of these poses unique challenges for keeping our Nation safe.  Some of the representative questions and comment requests include:

  • Public Safety Mobile Wireless Broadband Networks: We seek comment on the specific network features and anticipated architecture that will allow the broadband network to operate seamlessly with disaster recovery capabilities nationwide, and the kind of connectivity needed with legacy and other commercial networks
  • Next Generation 911 (NG911): Are there regulatory roadblocks that may be restricting more vigorous NG 911 deployment?  Which of these are within the Commission's jurisdiction and what actions should the Commission take in this regard?
  • Cyber security: What type of computer-based attacks against government or commercial computer systems or networks (i.e. cyber attacks) are occurring or are anticipated to occur, and what are other federal agencies, commercial, and other entities doing to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks?
  • Alerting: To what extent are broadband technologies currently being used as part of public emergency alert and warning systems?  Please provide specific descriptions of their use as part of these systems, including system capabilities and limitations and examples of jurisdictions where such systems are currently in use.

Help us keep America safe by sending us your comments.  Please read the PN and file comments using either ECFS Express or our standard submission page if you need to attach a file.  Please note that your comments are responding to Public Notice #9.

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