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Note from Today's Workshops

August 19th, 2009 by Brian David - Adoption and Usage Director, Omnibus Broadband Initiative

Brian DavidAfter over six hours of workshops on topics related to adoption and usage today, I have reams of notes, a number of next steps, and a long list of great ideas. I will be back soon to tell you more about what I think we learned today, and how it gets us closer to our goal in February. Thanks to all who participated and brought such energy, passion and insight to the workshops.

2 Responses to “Note from Today's Workshops”

  1. The Midnight Writer says:

    Is this action from the FCC in line with President Obama's extensive internet exposure and his dream to see more affordable/free? internet access for everyone to help increase education through technology? I would love to write about this plan on my blog so shoot me an email. I'll form a few interview questions so we could write an introduction with questions and answers, if you like that format.

  2. Jim Tobias says:

    Thanks -- I look forward to this information. I'm wondering how the FCC is modeling adoption and usage behavior of consumers and organizations. Are you using a "diffusion of innovations" bell curve idea? It may be just as important to understand non-adopters, abandoners, and "underusers" -- what are their reasons, and what are the remedies. I'm particularly interested in people with disabilities, who may be reflected in non-use answers like "too hard to use".

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