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Staff Workshops Look at Health Care, Content and Spectrum

September 15th, 2009 by Mark Wigfield - Spokesman, Omnibus Broadband Initiative.

This week's staff workshops at the FCC take on three interesting topics related to the National Broadband Plan:  telehealth, online content, and spectrum.  The first workshop is today at 1:30 with a discussion of health care and broadband.  On Thursday morning at 9:30, the discussion turns to online content and the balance between making content easily available while protecting against piracy.  On Thursday afternoon at 1:30, three separate panels discuss spectrum supply and demand, sources of spectrum, and technologies to facilitate more productive spectrum use.  As always, the public can attend the staff workshops in person or online.

4 Responses to “Staff Workshops Look at Health Care, Content and Spectrum”

  1. Guest says:

    Why are there no small or local wireless broaddband providers on the spectrum panel -- just the huge corporations, many of them not even American-owned?

  2. MWeinberg says:

    Why can't I download the videos of the workshops when they are over? I want to be able to edit together recaps, but all I can do now is link to the entire stream.

  3. Regina Hopper says:

    We posted two blogs on our site today on Health IT which I hope you will take a look at. One is from Joseph Ternullo of the Center for Connected Health in MA.

  4. Guest says:

    To whom it might concern, I think that broadband is a good idea. Yet I can note that in the last couple of weeks that there be times that vary during the day in that some kind of em pulse goes through the system and that it bumps up the sound on my TV. This em pulse also generates a high buzzing sound that makes it hard to hear the main program. I've been told that it just be a hiccup in the system. I fear that it might be a person that be running illegal equipment.

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