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This Week’s Workshops

August 31st, 2009 by Mark Wigfield - Spokesman, Omnibus Broadband Initiative.

We just put out a press release listing this week's workshops for the National Broadband Plan.   There will be three this week, and if you haven't had a chance to attend or watch online, you should definitely set aside time to do so this week.  There will be more workshops after Labor Day and beyond, but the schedule is beginning to wind down. Whether or not news is made, the workshops are informative and feature international broadband experts.  If you care about broadband, the only excuse for not attending is having a really nice spot on the beach - and even then, you can watch the archives when you get back.

Tuesday afternoon will be devoted to state and local issues, including the experience with municipal broadband.  On Wednesday, panelists will discuss  how to get beyond broadband deployment rankings to provide measurements that actually help policymakers who are trying to figure out how to get quality, affordable broadband to everyone.   And on Thursdays, panelists ranging from an MIT professor to the President of Public Knowledge will look at Big Ideas.  Get information on how to attend in person or online under the workshops tab at

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